4 Safety Tips for Moving Furniture

If you are getting ready to move from one residential property to another, your furniture can be one of the most challenging things to move. Furniture is heavy and often awkwardly shaped, which means you need to use just the right approach to ensure nothing, including yourself, gets hurt during the moving process.

Determine What Furniture to Move

Before you start planning how to move all of your furniture, evaluate the difference in layout and space in your new apartment or home, and figure out if all of your current furniture will fit in your new space. If any of it will not fit in your new space, you can always sell it and require the seller to pick it up and move it. 

Hire Moving Help

You should never move furniture on your own. You always need a team to help you move it due to its size and shape. You don't have to require your friends help you move the furniture either. Rather, you can hire a professional moving team to move your furniture. If you have the boxes handled, you can hire a professional moving team just for the furniture. You can have them provide the moving van or rent your own moving van and vehicle and just have them assist with loading and unloading the furniture.

Take Things Apart

When possible, you are going to want to break your furniture down into smaller parts. This will make it physically easier to move it and reduces the chance of it getting damaged during the moving process. It will take a little extra time to break it down and set it up, but it will be worth it.

For example, you can take all the drawers out of your dresser. Or you can take apart your bed frame, or you can remove the cushions from your couch. The less weight you have to move at once, the easier it will be to move the furniture. Some furniture you can break down into parts that are small enough you may be able to move it by yourself.

Use Equipment

You don't have to take all the weight on yourself. When moving furniture, use equipment that will make the job easier, such as a furniture dolly or furniture moving straps. Even if you can only use the doll outside and not inside your house, the reduced stress on your body will be worth it. You can rent this type of equipment from a moving company.

When it comes to moving furniture, get rid of the furniture you don't need. Then get professional help with moving the furniture. Take things apart that can be broken into smaller pieces, and use moving equipment to make the process easier. Keep these tips in mind when looking for local movers near you.