Services A Full-Service Moving Company Can Offer You

When you think of hiring a moving company, what comes to mind? Most people envision workers loading their boxes into a moving truck, driving the truck to their new home, and plunking the boxes down on the floor. You can certainly hire moves to do exactly this for you. But if you want a little more from your movers, look for a full-service moving company. Such a company will offer additional services to make your life even easier; these services include the following.

Disassembling Furniture

There are some pieces of furniture that are better transported in pieces than as a whole. These include large tables, certain chairs and sofas, and big entertainment units. You may lack the skills and even the tools to take apart such items, but a full-service moving company can do it for you. They can even reassemble the furniture after they deliver it to your new home if needed.


Since many of your items are personal, it is often assumed that you will pack your own boxes when you move. And you certainly could. However, full-service movers will be happy to pack for you. Keep in mind that this is their job; they won't judge what you have, and they'll use discretion. You're totally free to pack anything you want on your own, and then leave them to do the rest. (For instance, you might want to pack up your own underwear!)


That's right; many full-service moving companies have begun to offer cleaning services. Basically, after they clear everything out of your old home, they will send someone though to give it a good, thorough cleaning. This way, you can continue straight on to your moving destination instead of having to stay behind and clean, and you can be confident your home is professionally cleaned before the landlord arrives to do a move-out inspection.

Unpacking and Organizing

What if you want to be really hands-off and let someone else set up your furniture and unpack in your new home? It turns out that full-service moving companies can do this, too. You give them a basic idea of where you want things, and they do their best to comply. You save a lot of time in the process.

Keep in mind that each full-service moving company offers slightly different services. Give a local company a call to learn more about what they, specifically, have to offer their customers. 

To find out more about working with a moving company, reach out to a full service moving company near you.