A Few Things You Should Definitely Ditch Before You Move

From your treasured family photos to that pricey vase in the foyer, when it comes to moving, there are some items you just can't leave behind. However, what do you do with the items that you use every now and then and aren't sure if you will need in your new home? Before you waste time and energy packing stuff you may or may not need, here are six items you should probably use, donate or toss before moving:

Old Medication

Check all of your medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers for any unwanted or outdated medication. The United States Food and Drug Administration, FDA, recommends first reading the label and following their disposal instructions. If none are available, the next best option is to contact your local police department or city hall and ask if there is a medication take back program.

If neither of these options is available, the FDA recommends removing the unwanted medications from their original package and placing them in a zippered plastic bag or another container that won't leak or break. Fill the container with used coffee grounds or soil. Both of these products not only hide the medication from anyone digging through your trash, they also make it less enticing. Seal the container and toss it in the garbage bag.

Outdated Makeup and Other Personal Items

Now that you've cleared out all of your outdated or unwanted prescription and OTC medications, it's time to move onto your old beauty products and makeup. Begin by tossing out anything that you simply don't use. Next, go through all of your beauty products and get rid of anything that smells funny, is separating or simply doesn't look right.

As a rule, according to Pop Sugar, each of your favorite types of makeup has a different shelf life. For example, you should get rid of lip stick after one year, mascara after three months and foundation after one year.

Remember, even if the makeup was pricey, holding onto it for too long can lead to the formation of mold and bacteria, which can cause a nasty infection.

Clear Out Your Fridge and Pantry

Between your everyday chores and packing boxes, you hardly have time to sleep, let alone eat. However, before you resort to take out Chinese and delivery pizza, remember that the fewer items in your pantry and fridge, the easier it will be pack up your kitchen. 

One great way to empty your kitchen is to host a pantry party. Look through your pantry and design a menu around whatever you have left. Ask friends and family members to donate everything else you will need for the party; such as drinks or ice.

If you simply cannot eat everything in your fridge and pantry, consider donating these items to a local food shelf, instead.

Unwanted Craft and Hobby Supplies

Finally, some of the last items you should purge from your closets and spare bedroom might be very difficult: unnecessary or unused craft items. Even though it may be hard to part with them, be realistic about that half-finished quilt to incomplete jewelry you won't have the time to complete.

Donating or selling these items is one option, but there is another that will make someone else in your life much happier. Consider giving a crafty friend all of your old or unwanted craft and hobby supplies. You might wind up with a great, homemade house warming present from a grateful crafter!

From your old and unwanted medications to outdated makeup and unused craft supplies, there are several items that you should consider getting rid of before packing up and moving. For more tips about preparing to move, contact a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.